About ChemBioFinder.com

ChemBioFinder.com is an online chemistry and biology reference database. With almost 2 million compounds indexed and linked to other web sites, it provides a wealth of chemical information for professional chemists and students alike. ChemBioFinder.com is the gateway to all databases available from CambridgeSoft from PerkinElmer.

At ChemBioFinder.com, a subscriber can search for compounds by name, CAS Registry Number, molecular formula or weight, InChIKey, or by structure (exact and substructure). Successful searches return a basic profile of molecules indexed by this site. The profile contains the name, molecular formula and weight, CAS Registry Number, SMILES and InChI and InChIKey strings for each located compound, and lists the databases which contain entries for the located compound(s). The InChIKey also serves as a hyperlink to corresponding entries in ChemSpider. Free trials to any of these databases are available, as are annual subscriptions for continuous use of the contents.

Users of ChemBioFinder.com are allowed 5 free searches before we request them to register with us as a cambridgesoft.com website user. The CambridgeSoft from PerkinElmer user account is free and will give you access to a growing list of products and services which includes our quarterly print publication Chem & Bio News, frequent webinars, white papers and articles on all our offerings. Set up is fast & easy.

For ChemFinder.com users:

ChemFinder.Com has become ChemBioFinder.Com and has a whole new look and layout. This is part of a gradual redesign of the entire CambridgeSoft from PerkinElmer website.

Here are some of the changes that were made to improve the vital information presented here to the scientific community:

  1. It is now possible to select which of the databases indexed in ChemBioFonder.com should be included in a search.
  2. Search results show the ChemBioFinder databases which have entries for the compound(s), and indicate the databases to which the logged in user has active subscriptions.
  3. There are hyperlinks to the detailed records in the databases with active subscriptions.
  4. Search results provide the name, molecular formula and weight, CAS Registry Number, SMILES and InChI and InChIKey strings for the compound. The InChI and InChIKey strings are hyperlinked to the corresponding entry in ChemSpider, for access to further information.
  5. Physical properties are no longer provided unless the user has a subscription to ChemIndex or other CambridgeSoft from PerkinElmer online databases that provide this information. Many of our products come with one year subscriptions to ChemIndex as part of the package. So you may actually be entitled to a subscription and don't realize it. (See point 1. above)
At present the following Cambridgesoft Database Offerings are indexed:

Reference Databases

Sourcing Databases

Reaction Databases